Zoom Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)


Requirements for Host (Faculty)

  • Laptop / Desktop with microphone and webcam / Tablet
  • Zoom Application (Download Link)
  • Internet Connection

Requirement for Participants (Students)

  • Laptop / Desktop with microphone and webcam / Tablet / Mobile
  • Zoom Application (Download Link)
  • Internet Connection

How it Works


  • They will schedule a date and time for the online course or meeting
  • They will send the invitation link to all the students related to that course
  • They will give the login details and reminder to the faculty


  • They will login to the zoom using the login details provided at the scheduled date and time and Start the session


  • They will open the link sent to them by the secretaries and join the session.

SOP for Secretary

  1. Open the zoom website https://zoom.us/
  2. Click on Sign In https://zoom.us/signin
  3. Login to the dashboard using the allocated licensed account – username and password.
  4. To schedule a meeting, Click on “Schedule A Meeting” on top menu OR on left tab  Personal > Meetings > Schedule a new meeting
  5. For Topic, input course code, course name and faculty name. As an example below
    Topic: CE74.13: Water Resources Systems, Prof. Sangam Shrestha
  6. Description is optional
  7. Set the date of the class
  8. Set the time of the class
  9. Set the duration of the class
  10. Time Zone is (GMT+7:00) Bangkok
  11. Recurring meeting : Leave it unchecked if the class is not recurring
  12. Meeting ID: Select Personal Meeting ID
  13. Meeting Password: Leave it unchecked
  14. Video: Host ON   Participants OFF
  15. Audio: Select ‘Both’
  16. Meeting Options:  Select “Enable Join Before Host” and Select “Mute Participants Upon Entry”
  17. Alternative Host: Leave Empty
  18. Click Save
  19. Once saved, in the next screen, Copy the “Join URL”
  20. For example, Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/6600564222
  21. Compile an email with the online class date, time and add Join URL, then send it to all the students who should attend that class.
  22. For example,
    Dear Students,
    CE74.13: Water Resources Systems, Prof. Sangam Shrestha will be held online on Wednesday, 18th March, 2020 from 2pm to 5pm. Please join the course online using the following link
    Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/6600564222
  23. Send a reminder to the faculty of this upcoming course.
  24. Send the username and password to the faculty to login and start this meeting.

SOP for Faculty

  1. Program secretary will send the username and password to login to the zoom hosting account.
  2. Open the zoom website https://zoom.us/
  3. Click on Sign In https://zoom.us/signin
  4. Login to the dashboard using the allocated licensed account – username and password.
  5. Click on “Meetings” on the left sidebar of the dashboard.
  6. Find your designated meeting.
  7. Click on Start to start that meeting.
  8. If this is your first time using the zoom, once you click start, the browser will prompt you to download the zoom application into your machine.
  9. Download and install zoom and repeat step 7.
  10. Once you click start, allow the meeting to be opened on zoom application.
  11. Join with default audio/video options
  12. You are now online and ready for teaching your course.
  13. You will see the participants joining in.
  1. Zoom controls explained: On the bottom of the zoom application you will see the controls
    1. Microphone = Turn your microphone ON or OFF
    2. Video = Turn your video ON or OFF
    3. Invite: You can invite more participants to join the class during the session
    4. Share:
      1. You can share anything from your screen to all participants
      2. You can control share function for the participants
      3. You can share any files, your browser, you laptop sound, portion of you screen etc
      4. Share > Whiteboard: You can use the white board functionality to share a board with the students and type or draw contents on to it. You can also save the whiteboard to a file and send it to students.
    5. Chat: You can send chat messages to everyone or privately to any student attending the session
    6. Record: You can record the entire session in the cloud (Limit upto 512 MB) or to your local machine and share it to all of your students using AIT google drive.
    7. Reactions: You can use emoticons to give gestures like a clap or thumbs up.

Zoom Meeting Controls

SOP for Students

  1. Monitor your AIT email for invitations to “Interactive Online Classes”
  2. You may add the class to your google calendar or yahoo calendar.
  3. Download and install zoom in your machine, laptop / desktop /mobile (Download Link)
  4. Join the class a few minutes before it starts by clicking the respective invitation link that was sent by the program secretary.
  5. Mute your microphone during the teaching session and only turn it on if you need to ask a question to the faculty. Turn off your video as well if it’s ON by default.
  6. You can chat to everyone or privately to the faculty
  7. You can give hand gestures using the emoticons, for example Raise Hand if you have questions.
  8. Have fun with online learning!

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Joining an Online Class


For Administrative Staff and Faculty
Please contact Mr. Sanjeet
For Students
Please contact your Program Secretary

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