Postgraduate nanotechnology masters courses are a well-recognized means of gaining experience in state-of-the-art techniques and applications. AIT program is addressed to the needs of engineers and science background students for entering into this burgeoning technology area. Nanotechnology with a focus on nanomaterials engineering at AIT provides international level engineering program.

Preferred Background

For Master Program
The programme is open to graduates with Bachelor in engineering (electrical, chemical, mechanical, industrial, telecommunications, computer engineering, electronics, and instrumentation) as well as Bachelor of Science (physics and chemistry).

For Doctoral Program
One should have a good master’s degree in one of the above disciplines.

In Nano, the minimum course requirements is 29 credits for Thesis option and 38 credits for Research study option.

Thesis Option Research Option
Required Courses 12 credits 12 credits
Elective Courses 15 credits 24 credits
InterSemester Courses 2 credits 2 credits
Option 22 credits 10 credits
Total 51 credits* 48 credits

* The Institute-wide elective courses of 2 credits are included in the total course credits.