Bio-Nano Material Science and Engineering

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Bio-Nano Material Science and Engineering (BNMSE)

Bio-Nano Material Science and Engineering” is a rational fusion of the disciplines of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering, which is truly interdisciplinary in nature and a unique program in AIT. It is an emerging field in science and technology developing innovative materials, devices, and processes, and creating wide range of opportunities encompassing physics, chemistry, biology, applied sciences, various engineering fields and biomedical technology. The program is designed to address the needs of industry that require continuous development of their workforce and highly skilled leadership to direct and innovate research and development. It has a curriculum that is developed in collaboration with top researchers, industry experts and innovative educators that work in this field.

We are housed in the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering, School of Engineering and Technology (SET) and any student enrolled in this program will get a Master of Science (M. Sc.), Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) or Doctoral degrees from the School of Engineering and Technology in the Bio-Nano Material Science and Engineering field of study. Depending on backgrounds, students can choose one of the two Areas of Specialization: Nanoengineering and Bio-Nanoengineering

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Who Can Apply?

The BNMSE program is geared towards students with Science and/or Engineering backgrounds, but most importantly, aims to attract students who wish to make difference and try to change our world through bio-nano way.

The program is open to all Science & Engineering students.

Science – any fields of physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, applied science, materials science, engineering sciences

Engineering – electrical, electronics, computer, telecommunication, chemical, mechanical, industrial, instrumentation, materials engineering, biomedical & other related fields

Professionals – with experiences as teachers, lecturers, researchers from the above fields, data scientists, technology analysts etc.

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What We Offer?

The program will enhance a student’s educational experience and career by offering:

  • multidisciplinary learning environment
  • Integrated classroom-lab experience
  • Application-based curricula and research
  • Vision towards improving society through sustainable development
  • An international environment
  • Experienced faculty and staff
  • Access to opportunities in the job market

Our Research

The Bio-Nano Material Science and Engineering program is designed to find technological solutions from the materials science and engineering perspective to address complex problems with a unique approach of unified understanding of the physical world from the nanoscale to the planetary scale. We do multidisciplinary research, inspired by nature and employing nanotechnology as a tool for innovation. Some of our current research topics are:

  • Biosensors
  • Plasmonic materials and opto-electronic devices
  • Bio-inspired superhydrophilic/superhydrophobic surfaces
  • Energy harvesting
  • Antibiofouling
  • Photocatalysis for air/water purification
  • Biomimicry
  • SERS design for biomedical applications
  • Bio-markers
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