Project Description

Project Title: SMART CITY

A smart project using video analytics, cameras and software to detect illegal driving in Thailand. For safety concerns and for the people to follow Thai driving rules and regulations, this project has been implemented by the Traffic Police Control in 9 different locations so far. Many of the Thai driving license holders don’t follow most of the rules, such as: not wearing helmets while riding bikes, crossing the driving lanes illegally and many more.

  • Full Name: Mongkol Ekpanyapong
  • Department: ISE
  • Designation: Associate Professor, Director of IoT and Deputy Director of AI Lab.
  • Achievement:
    • PhD from Georgia Tech University, USA.
    • Received the Best Junior AIT Researcher and Security Thailand Award for the year 2017
  • Research Keywords: “AI”, “IoT”, “Robotics”

The major aim of this project is to detect illegal driving in the roads of Thailand. People who are found not to follow the rules and regulations are identified by the video analytic cameras and tickets with fine are sent to those people. This system is aimed to work 24hrs and 365 days nonstop. This project is aimed to implement in 30 different locations in Thailand soon.

Objectives of the project:

  1. To ensure every Thai driver follows driving rules and regulations for safety concerns and if found not to follow these rules and regulations are fined later by the Traffic Police Control.
  2. To enhance traffic control system in Thailand.


This was a 8 months project with a team of 20 committee members. Project Head for this project was Dr. Mongkol himself. Expertise from computer engineers and data sciences were involved in this project to make it happen.


There are also some risks involved in this project, such as:

  1. Due to rainfall, sometimes system cannot operate, and the raindrop makes the camera blurry.
  2. At the night time, accuracy of the cameras goes down and does not detect vehicles as easily as it does during the day time.

Since, Asian Institute of Technology has a very good reputation in Thailand and by the goodwill of AIT this project was funded by The National Science and Technology Development Agency and Thai Traffic Police.

Research Keywords

“Traffic Regulation”, “Traffic Counting” and “AI” are the main research keywords for this project.