Project Description

Project Title:  Construction Project management competency development for managing large construction project in developing countries.

The program has achieved a significant success in developing and enhancing project management professionals and organizations.

Project Head

  • Full Name: Dr. Bonaventura Hadikusumo
  • Department: Construction Engineering and Infrastructure Management (CEIM)
  • Designation: Associate Professor
  • Achievement: Ph.D., P.E

This success is a result of three important factors: international experience in project management education, market-oriented programs and curriculum development, and strong support from the alumni.

The Asian Institute of Technology offers MPM at the right me when developing countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam, are building modern and large-scale infrastructures. We believe that the infusion of international experiences in the project management education will boost the knowledge transfer and networking of students.

In developing countries, the demand for project management professionals is high. However, engineers have not been able to fully develop their project management competencies. AIT Master degree in Project Management in Construction is offered as a solution to this demand.

Project Keywords

Construction Project Management (Safety and Procurement), Contract management (schedule, Risk and Quality Management)


The objectives/ aim of the project:

  • Develop competency in professionals
  • Understand and master project management skill
  • Building knowledge on How to Manage safety, contract, quality, schedule, cost and pricing.

This is program started on 2007. This project is being taken place in Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. The program is planning to expand in Sri- Lanka, Cambodia and Philippines.

The resources that the program is using are the faculty members, labs, computer software (Revitt) and hardware and library.

Dr. Bonaventura Hadikusumo is the program coordinator. The faculty members are: Dr.Chotchai Charoenngam, Dr. Stephen O. Ogunlana, Mr.Burin Kunatippapong, Dr. Santi Charoenpornpattana, Mr.Ng Eng Wan, Prof.Christian Brockman, Dr.Roland Amoussou–Guenou, Dr. Takayuki Minato, Mr. Wiboon Tachapaisalkul, Prof. Gary E. Griggs and Dr.Theerathorn Tharatchai.

The expertise involved in this programs are Project Management, Organization Management, Construction Safety Management, Construction Quality management, Project scheduling, Project Risk Management, Project Contract Management, Negotiation Management, Project Management, Leadership in Project Organization, Financial Management, Accounting, Project Financial and Accounting Management, Feasibility Study, Engineering Economics, Housing and Real-Estate
and Project Financing.


The main donor of the program is as follows:

  • In Vietnam: Petro-Vietnam/Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) / Construction companies like Ceco and Cotecons
  • In Myanmar: Ministry of Construction

The collaboration with other companies or institutions is as follows – the Program collaborates with faculty member of various universities as it deals with team teaching. The Universities are University of Tokyo (Dr.Takayuki Minato) King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thailand (Dr.San Charoenpornpattana) and University of applies science, Breman (Prof Christian Brockman)

The risk that the program is facing is Vietnam’s economy is growing rapidly and the quality of the local universities are also improving this is brining in a lot of competitor in the market and Other universities from the world are also entering the marketing but the competitor advantage are the alumni as the alumni are loyal and have created a goodwill of the program.

AIT has provided the meeting rooms for the meetings regarding the projects, the usage of computer software for the project, in terms of resources.

AIT in terms of infrastructure has provided the laboratories.