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Hybrid Instruction at AIT

AIT is launching the new Hybrid Instruction for the August semester 2020.  We are ready to welcome students to our campus, and at the same time deliver quality education through the innovative Hybrid Mode for students who are unable to join us in person due to  travel restrictions and/or if physical distancing measures remain in place following government guidelines during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

AIT is committed to 3 key principles during this pandemic.  

  • AIT continues its mission in education in the region and the world.
  • Education shall be delivered without missing a beat.
  • Quality shall be upheld.   

In order to commit to these principles, we are implementing our Hybrid Instruction as an innovative solution to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Our Hybrid Mode enables live classes to be simultaneously delivered to students who are physically in a classroom on campus and to students in their home countries who can participate in the class real-time online. 


We place great importance on the classroom experience especially for our online students. The online students can fully participate in classroom activity and are free to select the view of the instructor in front of the white board or the view of presentations shared by the instructor or the view of their classmates in the physical classroom. Both groups of students can also easily interact with each other and with the instructor.  

Start your classes in Hybrid Mode and join us at the AIT campus any time later. We do hope we will be able to welcome all students to our campus before the August 2020 Semester ends.

For inquiry, please send you questions to the Admissions Office at admissions@ait.ac.th and tenzin@ait.ac.th