From France to Thailand – My Student Exchange Experience at AIT

By Claire-Victoria Carles
Exchange Student for Microelectronics and Embedded Systems (MES), School of Engineering and Technology, AIT

Hey, I’m Claire from France!

I came to AIT during the Spring Semester 2020 from Polytech Nice Sophia in France on a student exchange program. It was my best experience ever!

From the first day, I already felt that I was part of the AIT family. Everyone was very nice and friendly with me and my fellow exchange students from France.

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone who would like to come to AIT it would be: Be Part of the AIT Community. There are many ways to be the part of this wonderful institute, be it through sports, music, or cinema and more. For me, it was the dance club.

The first time I saw a dance club performance, I wanted to join right away. It was during the annual campus ‘Welcome Show.’ I attended the show, as I wanted to learn some new dance styles. It was the best idea ever! I met some wonderful people there. They quickly became my dearest friends. Because of this, I learned Indian, Nepali and other kinds of dance styles.

Moreover, I had the chance to participate in the “Cultural Show” later in the semester. I enjoyed it so much! This show is a wonderful contest representing all the wealth of cultures that AIT can offer to a stranger like me. I went to Thailand, but learned about so many more cultures and traditions.

Yes, my Cultural Show experience will stay as my best memory in AIT. Every exchange student should be part of it!

Unfortunately, I could not stay more than three months at AIT because of COVID-19 pandemic eventually forced me to return to France. But I learned so much more about everything and about myself than I ever would have. So thanks to AIT for hosting me this semester.

Thank you for everything. Hope I can come back as soon as possible.

Source: AIT

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