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Title : Assistant Professor
Name : Tanujjal Bora
FoS : Nanotechnology
Affiliation : Assistant Professor
Location : Charlem Praket Building
Phone : (662) 524 -6625,
Fax : (662) 524 5597
Email : tbora[at]ait.ac.th
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Selected Publications

1. T. Bora & J. Dutta; Plasmonic Photocatalyst Design: Metal – Semiconductor Junction Affecting Photocatalytic Efficiency, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 19 (2019) 383-388

2. B. Al-Ghafri, T. Bora, P. Sathe, S. Dobrestov & M. Al-Abri; Photocatalytic microbial removal and degradation of organic contaminants of water using PES fibers. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 233 (2018) 136-142.

3. T. Bora, P. Sathe, K. Laxman, S. Dobretsov & J. Dutta; Defect engineered visible light active ZnO nanorods for photocatalytic treatment of water. Catalysis Today, 284 (2017) 11-18

4. T. Bora, D. Zoefl & J. Dutta, Importance of plasmonic heating on visible light driven photocatalysis of gold nanoparticle decorated zinc oxide nanorods. Scientific Reports, 6 (2016) 26913.

5. T. Bora, H. Fallah, M. Chaudhari, T. Apiwattanadej, S. W. Harun, W. S. Mohammed & J. Dutta, Controlled side coupling of light to cladding mode of ZnO nanorod coated optical fibers and its implications for chemical vapor sensing. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 202 (2014) 543 – 550.

*For full list of publications, please visit my Google Scholar page.

Recent Invited Talks

• Invited speaker in the 3 rd ASEAN Conference on Failure Analysis and Inspection of Materials and Products 2018, Thailand Institute of Scientific & Technological Research (TISTR), Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST), Thailand

• Invited speaker in Marine Corrosion – An Important Impact on Structural Integrity Workshop 2018, National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), Thailand Science Park, Thailand Awards and Achievements

• The National Research Award 2018 in the category of Best Research Work in Environment and Biological Resources Sector, awarded by The Research Council of Oman. • AIT Distinguished Teaching Award in 2018

• Sheikh Saqr Al Qasimi Graduate Research Fellowship during PhD (2010 – 2012) • Best AIT Master Thesis Award in 2009 • Infineon Prize for Outstanding Academic Performance in Microelectronics in 2009


• Member in IEEE Nanotechnology Council

• Member in IEEE Electron Devices Society

• Member in IEEE Photonics Society

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