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Title : Dr.
Name : Salvatore G.P. Virdis
FoS : Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
Affiliation : Assistant Professor
Location : Room W205A ,SERD Academic Building
Phone : (662) 524 6196
Fax : (662) 524 5597
Email : virdis[at]ait.asia


2002 – 2006, PhD in “Science and Technologies Applied to the Environment” at the University of Siena (Italy), concerning the land subsidence monitoring in relationships with industrial exploiting of groundwater in coastal plain, by means of SAR interferometry, GPS and high precision levelling measurements (PhD achieved in March 14th 2006). Supervisor: L. Disperati.

2004, Master DESS (Diplôme d’Etude Supérieure Spécialisées) de Télédétection: “Méthode, Applications et Environnent”, Université Pierre et Marie Curie UPMC, Paris VI, France (2nd Decembre 2004). Supervisor: Kurt L. Feigl.

2002, Master’s degree in Geological Science (Specialization in Applied Geology), University of Siena, Italy (Mark: 110/110 cum laude, April 19th 2002).


 Background is in Applied Geological Sciences and Remote Sensing. My recent and current research interest center upon Geo-Information and Earth Observation Science to assess and evaluate past, present and future changes of anthropogenic origin as well as their effects on natural and non-natural physical/human environment. For my research I combine and integrate a range of field-based, remote/proximal sensing techniques and advanced geospatial modelling. I look at natural and non-natural processes from the field- to the landscape-scale and on a variety of timescales, ranging from seasonal to decadal processes. Moreover, I certainly like to understand the dynamics of physical landscapes without neglecting the social and human dimension of geographical problems.


Current research:

  1. (1)  Environmental impacts of land cover change and land use intensification
  2. (2)  Mainstreaming and validating advanced InSAR products in geo-hazard prone areas of South East Asia.
  3. (3)  Machine learning and geospatial data mining
  4. (4)  Climate variability and change impact on human and natural environment

Past research:

  • Photogrammetry, GPS, laser scanning, LlDAR, and geodata integration for coastal wetland and coastal zones change mapping.
  • Integrated superficial and ground water resource management in arid and semi-arid environment.
  • Differential GPS data processing, InSAR, and time series analysis applied to landslide and post-seismicdisplacements monitoring and mapping.
  • Participatory uses of geo-spatial information systems in development countries.


AT76.03 Remote Sensing
AT76.13 Remote Sensing Data Analysis
AT76.9037 Principles and Application of InSAR
AT76.9037 Selected Topic: Research Methodology in Geoinformatics

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