Salvatore G.P. Virdis

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Title : Dr.
Name : Salvatore G.P. Virdis
FoS : Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
Affiliation : Assistant Professor
Location : Room W205A ,SERD Academic Building
Phone : (662) 524 6196
Fax : (662) 524 5597
Email : virdis[at]


  1. PhD, University of Siena, Italy


 Background is in Applied Geological Sciences and Remote Sensing. My recent and current research interest center upon Geo-Information and Earth Observation Science to assess and evaluate past, present and future changes of anthropogenic origin as well as their effects on natural and non-natural physical/human environment. For my research I combine and integrate a range of field-based, remote/proximal sensing techniques and advanced geospatial modelling. I look at natural and non-natural processes from the field- to the landscape-scale and on a variety of timescales, ranging from seasonal to decadal processes. Moreover, I certainly like to understand the dynamics of physical landscapes without neglecting the social and human dimension of geographical problems.


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