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Title : Dr.
Name : Mohammad Esmaeil Asadi
FoS : Water Engineering and Management
Affiliation : Visting Faculty
Location : WR214
Phone : +66-2-524-5559
Fax :
Email : iwc977127@yahoo.com


  1. Doctor of engineering in integrated water resource management, AIT, Thailand.(2001)
  2. Master of engineering in Irrigation and Drainage, Tehran University, Iran (1995)
  3. BS in Irrigation and reclamation engineering, Tabriz University, Iran (1987).


Research interests include agricultural water management, land and water conservation and management, conservation agriculture, climate smart agriculture (CSA), irrigation systems design and management, and precision farming, climate change, agrometeorology and cropwatch


  1. CE 74.53: Land and water conservation and management


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  1. Calibration and evaluation of the CERES-Wheat simulation model in Golestan province
  2. Determination of maize water use efficiency under different management of tillage
  3. Determination of water use efficiency of soybean under different managements of no-till and conventional tillage


  1. Outstanding soil and water researcher, Ministry of Agriculture of Iran (1996).
  2. Outstanding Research on conservation agriculture, Iran (2016).


  1. Asian Institute of Technology Alumni
  2. International Society for Agricultural Meteorology (INSAM)
  3. International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS)


Crop water productivity, Conservation agriculture, Land and water conservation
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