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Title : Dr.
Name : Harsha Abeykoon
FoS : Mechatronics
Affiliation : Assistant Professor
Location : Room 222 ISE Building
Phone : (662) 524 5227
Fax :
Email : harsha[at]ait.asia


B.Sc (Honours) in Electrical Engineering, University of Moratuwa in 2002Master’s in Science, Keio University, Yokohama, Japan in 2005Phd, Keio University, Yokohama, Japan in 2009


  1. Haptics- sensorless force sensing and control
  2. Haptics- virtual forces / force rendering
  3. Sensor fusion and mobile robots
  4. Biomedical robotics
  5. Haptics for Vehicular Technology
  6. Advanced motion control
  7. Bilateral Tele-operation
  8. Vibration Suppression
  9. Virtual haptic feedback
  10. Motion parameter estimation


  1. Automation Technology
  2. Digital and Analog circuit design
  3. Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms and Robots


  1. A.M. Harsha S. Abeykoon, Kouhei Ohnishi : “Virtual tool for bilaterally controlled forceps robot-for minimally invasive surgery,” Transactions on International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery” , ISSN 1478-5951, VOL 3; No 3, pp. 271-280, 2007
  2. A.M. Harsha S. Abeykoon, Kouhei Ohnishi : “Improvement of Tactile Sensation of a Bilateral Forceps Robot by a Switching Virtual Model,” Transactions on Advanced Robotics” , ISSN0169-1864 (Print), 1568-5535 (Online) Vol. 8, pp. 789-806(18), 2008
  3. A.M. Harsha S. Abeykoon, M. Branesh Pillai: “RTOS based embedded controller implementation of a bilateral control system,” The Journal of the National Science Foundation, Vol. 3, no. 42, pp 191-202 (12), Sept-2014, ISSN: 1391-4588.
  4. M. Branesh Pillai, G.V.A.G. AsankaPerera, M.K.C.D. Chinthaka, and A.M. Harsha S. Abeykoon“Analysis of a DC Motor Based Velocity Controller Using Disturbance Observer,” Indian Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 5, no. 1, July -2014, ISSN: 0976-2876 (Print) / 2250-0138 (Online).
  5. 5. M. K .C. Dinesh Chinthaka, A. M. Harsha S. Abeykoon “Friction Compensation of DC Motors for Precise Motion Control Using Disturbance Observer,” ECTI Transactions on Computer And Information Technology, Vol. 9, no. 1, pp 66-74, May-2015, ISSN: 2286-9131.




  1. Member of the proposal team – Currently in the application stage Grant: ERASMUS+ “Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education” for the February 2017 Call Title: “Curriculum Development of Master’s Degree Program in Industrial Engineering for Thailand
  2. Sustainable Smart Industry”
  3. Monbukagakusho scholarship award (from the Japanese Govt.) for 5 years.
  4. Keio Leading Lab (KLL) grant for consecutive 3 years.
  5. Proposal Writer and an Activity Coordinator World Bank Funded Quality Innovative Grant
  6. (competitive)
  7. Secured senate research grants (competitive) many times from the University of Moratuwa
  8. Outstanding Research Performance Award – University of Moratuwa2014
  9. Outstanding Research Performance Award – University of Moratuwa2015
  10. Outstanding Research Performance Award – University of Moratuwa2016


  1. Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (SMIEEE)
  2. Engineers Australia – Migration skills assessed / PhD assessed – Professional Engineer (Electrical)


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