Title : Dr.
Name : Erik L.J. Bohez
FoS : Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Affiliation : Adjunct Faculty
Location :
Phone : (662) 524 5687
Fax :
Email : bohez[at]ait.ac.th


  1. Burgerlijk WerktuigKundig Electro-Technisch Ingenieur, 1977-1979, State University of Ghent, Belgium.
  2. Kandidaat Burgerlijk Ingenieur, 1976-1977, State University of Ghent, Belgium.
  3. Technisch Ingenieur, Electro-Mechanica, 1972-1976, Higher Technical Institute Saint Antonius Ghent, Belgium.


  1. CNC/CAD/CAM. Eco-design, Mold&Die Design
  2. Holonic and Fractal Manufacturing.
  3. Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II).
  4. Modelling of FMS, Simulation of Metal Removal Processes.
  5. Robust Control, 5-Axis Machining, Virtual Axis Machine.
  6. Adaptive Control. Hyper-redundant Robot. Petri Net


  1. AT73.01: CAD/CAM
  2. AT73.02: Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  3. AT73.05: Eco-Design and Manufacturing System
  4. AT73.07: Industrial Packaging Design and Technology
  5. AT73.08: Flexible Manufacturing Systems Multi-Axis Machining, Mold&Die Design


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  1. Avrid Palmgren Prize Recipient (1974) from SKF Bearing Company (Sweden)
  2. Knight in The Order of Leopold II (Belgium)
  3. Cerificate From DAAAD, To express appreciation for significant contribution in the field of Technical Sciences and International Scientific Cooperation within the frame work of Danube Adria Association for Automation and manufacturing


  1. Member of many International Conference and Program Committees.
  2. International Consultant (UNIDO, UNESCO, etc.).
  3. One Patented Design (1985) for a two contact per key keyboard design security


Computer Aided Design; Computer Aided Manufacturing; Computer Graphics; Computer Numerical Control; Five Axis Machining; Fractal and Holistic Manufacturing; Robust Control; Simulation of Metal Removal; FMS; Hyper-redundant robot; Bio-Mechanics; Eco-Design



  • DAE Young Scientist Award – 1994,The Dept. of Atomic Energy, India
  • AICTE Career Award for Young Teacher – 1996,All India Council for Technical Education
  • Best Paper Award, 3rd Map Asia 2004, Beijing, China
  • Best Paper Award, 25th Asian Conf. on Remote Sensing 2004, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • OCU Distinguished Scientist Award, 2007 By Osaka City University
  • Best Paper Award, 2009 Int. Conference on GIT4NDM, Bangkok, Thailand, 2009
  • Best Paper Award, 2009, Int. Conference on HealthGIS 2009, Hyderabad, India, 2009


  • Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Geoinformatics
  • Life Member, Association for Geoinformation Technology
  • Life Member, Indian Society of Remote Sensing
  • Life Member, Indian Society of Geomatics
  • Life Member, Indian Society of Technical Education

Internet GIS, Remote Sensing and GIS for environment, coastal, agriculture, disaster and health.

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