Title : Prof.
Name : Bonaventura H. W. Hadikusumo
FoS : Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Management
Affiliation : Professor
Location : E227
Phone : (662) 524 6413
Fax : (662) 524 5509
Email : kusumo[at]ait.ac.th


Ph.D. in Construction Management, The University of Hong Kong, 2001
M.Eng. in Construction Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, 1998
B.Eng. in Civil Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia, 1994


I am very interested in construction project management issues, particularly in construction business and construction site improvements. In order to improve construction organization performance, I believe that IT application and simulation are useful. Some areas in construction IT application and simulation in which I am interested are project visualization, intelligent agent system, knowledge management tool, web-based project management and system dynamics simulation. This construction business process improvement, however, cannot be fully achieved without improving the construction sites. Therefore, in terms of site improvement, I have conducted some studies related with management of construction organizations and construction site safety.


CE70.12 Management of Construction Organizations
CE70.31 Information Technology in Construction
CE70.33 Safety and Health Management in Construction


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Title: Construction Health and Safety in Developing Countries
Edited by: Patrick Manu, Fidelis Emuze, Tarcisio Abreu Saurin and Bonaventura H. W. Hadikusumo
Publisher: Taylor and Francis


IT application, Project Management, Safety, Simulation
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