Drought Risk Management in South and South East Asia – Book edited by Dr. Indrajit Pal

Drought Risk Management in South and South East Asia, the book co-edited by Dr. Indrajit Pal – Faculty and Chair in the Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management (DPMM), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, has been published recently.

The geo-climatic conditions of South and South-East Asian countries are diverse and vulnerable to multiple natural hazards such as drought. Drought evolves over months or even years, affects a large spatial extent and causes enormous damages. Drought Risk Management in South and South-East Asia is a comprehensive reference on overall perspectives and scenarios on drought risk mitigation and management, based on researches and case studies from South and South-East Asian countries. Drought management is a complex area of work that requires active and continuous participation of the national, provincial and local governments, multiple ministries, and divisions. This book demonstrates the best practices of socio-economic and technological interventions to enhance drought risk management, which will help to develop plans and policies, and their implementation to reduce the impact of droughts. It also offers views of field practitioners on impacts of the interventions practised at the national, sub national and local levels.

More info on DPMM, http://dds.ait.ac.th/disaster-preparedness-mitigation-and-management-dpmm/

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