ZOOM Standard Operating Procedure

RequirementsRequirements for Host (Faculty)Laptop / Desktop with microphone and webcam / TabletZoom Application (Download Link)Internet ConnectionRequirement for Participants (Students)Laptop / Desktop with microphone and webcam / Tablet / MobileZoom Application (Download Link)Internet ConnectionHow it WorksSecretariesThey will schedule a date and time for the online course or meetingThey will send the invitation link to all the students related to that courseThey will give the login details and reminder to the facultyFacultyThey [...]

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No. Zoom Account Email Contact Person Contact Email Unit 1 sanjeet_cs@ait.ac.th Sanjeet sanjeet_cs@ait.ac.th SET 2 deanset@ait.ac.th Sanjeet sanjeet_cs@ait.ac.th SET 3 ceim@ait.ac.th Ms. Woranuch woranuch@ait.ac.th SET 4 gte@ait.ac.th Ms. Supamas supamas@ait.ac.th SET 5 ste@ait.ac.th Ms. Chanya chanyachaiyanont@ait.ac.th SET 6 tre@ait.ac.th Ms.Nirasat nisarath@ait.ac.th SET 7 wemait@ait.ac.th Ms. Yanee yanee@ait.ac.th SET 8 ime@ait.ac.th Mr. Clifford cmgasillos@ait.ac.th SET 9 mec@ait.ac.th Mr. Clifford cmgasillos@ait.ac.th SET 10 mes@ait.ac.th Mr. Clifford cmgasillos@ait.ac.th SET 11 nanotechnology@ait.ac.th Mr. [...]

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Interactive Online Classroom using ZOOM

ZOOM TRAINING MATERIALS Zoom offers many training resources that we encourage you to take advantage of. Regardless if you prefer Video Tutorials or Live Trainings, Zoom has a training option for everyone! Zoom Meeting Training Recorded Training Sessions Video Tutorials How-To Videos CIE ACCOUNTS CEIM ceim@ait.ac.th apc-ceim@ait.ac.th apc-pmce@ait.ac.th GTE gte@ait.ac.th seags@ait.ac.th apc-gte@ait.ac.th STE ste@ait.ac.th apc-ste@ait.ac.th TRE tre@ait.ac.th apc-te@ait.ac.th WEM wemait@ait.ac.th apc-wem@ait.ac.th DPMM dpmm@ait.ac.th apc-dpmm@ait.ac.th [...]

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